Freewet is The All Knowing Squirrel Rock Star. Freewet is military trained and his mentor is Super Red Bear who receives his powers from being read. Super Red Bear is "red" in color and he is a "read" bear; being well read and read by his readers. On this page you will find a link to various cartoons and dialogue. I hope you find them amusing, entertaining, and not offensive in anyway as they are just cartoons.

Freewet No Sunglasses

Freewet and Super Red Bear Prepare

For the World Wide Fight against the Corona Virus (COVID 19) Freewet and Super Red Bear become prepared for the attack on mankind.

Freewet was planning on a tour this summer that has been placed on hold because of the Corona Virus (COVID 19). He has done the social media thing and done free uploads of video footage and pictures, but feels empty without the companionship of his fans friends and family. The concerts will have to be put on hold.

Freewet’s mentor Super Red Bear has recruited him in a military capacity to help with the COVID 19 PANDEMIC. Freewet always puts aside his Rock Star title in time of need to help Super Red Bear. The pair is engaged through the supply chain getting key personnel the things they need to clean and keep the virus under control.

Remember Super Red Bear receives his powers three fold . . . he is red in color, well read himself, and read by his readers. Freewet is the All Knowing Squirrel Rock Star.

Enjoy this cartoon everyone