My name is Donny Casse. My music comes under the project DC27(14). I have been playing original music since 1985. You can purchase my albums on ITunes or Amazon.com or other digital distribution stores. My style is Rock . . . rich with melody lines and musical hooks with a poetic feel.

Please enjoy all that my site has to offer.

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Donny Casse

Me and "Sally" the Fender

Here is a link to my new album Smaller Versions of Bigge Things http://apple.co/31Ehoj3
Here is a link to Itunes for my third album Whiskey Angel http://apple.co/2gH1ssz
Here is a link to Itunes for my second album Freedom Road http://bit.ly/1sJ8Y1T
Here is a link to for my first album Stratus Oakum Sinoatrial Welcome Too Seven https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stratus-oakum-sinoatrial-welcome/id471149784

Please check with other digital distribution stores for availabilty.

Love Is a Stranger
How Many Guitars In Heaven
Finding Tomorrow
The Midnight Express
Take Me Home
Love Is Like an Ocean
Hackensack New Jersey